JF Antique Radio Repair / Tube Amplifier Repair / Tube Equipment Repair

This site is your source for the Repair of Antique Radios and Tube Amplifier/Equipment (excluding TVs).
Links to tubes, parts, clubs, pictures, books, sales and other resources are included in this site.

                                                                                                                        Philco Model 90                               Fisher Amplifier                                                 Silvertone Car Radio

WARNING:    DO NOT Turn "On" Your Tube Equipment to See if it "Works"
                          This may cause serious damage, greatly increasing repair cost.

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About Jay Forbes: I have been repairing Antique Radios and Tube Amplifers for 30 years, reparing over 1,400 radios/tube amplifers
                                for individuals, collectors, museums and antique stores.

                                I look forward to bringing your tube equipment back to factory operating condition.

Manufactures: I repair all makes and models of antique radios and tube amplifiers, this includes car and foreign radios.

Limits of Repair: Generally, I do not work on Radios/Tuners manufactured after 1950. Refer to Silver Mica Disease Tab above.
                               I do not work on Amplifiers with printed circuit boards.
                               I do not repair TVs.
                               I do not work on Solid State/Transistor equipment.

Guarantee: Repairs are guaranteed for a Six Month period. Refer to "Guarantee" Tab above for Limits.

Service Area: Virginia and Mid-Atlantic

If Outside the Service Area, please ship your antique radio and tube amplifiers/equipment in for repair.
                 For shipping requirements, refer to "Shipping" Tab above.

Hours: 9AM to 6PM, 7 days a week. Email/call to set an appointment.

Estimates: Estimates over the phone, by email, or in person are free. Provide make, model and condition.

Cabinet Refinishing: Sorry, I do not refinish/restore cabinets. Cabinet cleaning/touchup will be considered on a case by case basis.

Teaching Repair: Please contact me if you would like to learn how to repair tube equipment. I do not charge for this.

Parts Sources: For Parts Sources in the repair of Tube Equipment, please click on the "Links" Tab above.