JF Antique Radio Repair -- Tube Equipment Repair (Radios, Amplifiers, Car Radios)

This site is your source for the Repair of Tube Equipment (Radios, Amplifiers, Car Radios) excluding TVs.
Links to tubes, parts, schematics, clubs, sales, pictures, books,and other resources are included in this site.

                                                                                                                         Philco Model 90                               Fisher Amplifier                                                 Silvertone Car Radio

WARNING:    DO NOT Turn "On" Your Tube Equipment to See if it "Works"
                          This may cause serious damage, greatly increasing repair cost.

Tabs: Please click on the following "Tabs" for more information:

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About Jay Forbes: I have been repairing Tube Equipment (Radios, Amplifiers, Car Radios) for over 30 years, reparing over 1,500 units for individuals,
                                collectors, museums and antique stores.

                                I look forward to bringing your Tube Equipment back to factory operating condition.

Manufactures: I repair all Makes and Models of Tube Equipment, this includes Car and Foreign Radios.

Limits of Repair: Generally, I do not work on Radios/Tuners manufactured after 1950 due to Silver Mica Disease. Refer to Silver Mica Disease Tab above.
                               I do not work on Amplifiers with printed circuit boards.
                               I do not repair TVs.
                               I do not work on Solid State/Transistor equipment.

Guarantee: Repairs are Guaranteed for a Six Month period. Refer to "Guarantee" Tab above for Limits.

Service Area: Metro WDC Area

If Outside the Service Area, please double box, and ship your tube equipment in for repair.
                  For shipping requirements, refer to "Shipping" Tab above.

Hours: 10AM to 6PM, 7 days a week. Email/call to set an appointment.

Estimates: Estimates over the phone, by email, or in person are Free. Provide Make, Model and Condition.

Cabinet Refinishing: Sorry, I do not refinish/restore cabinets. Cabinet cleaning/touchup will be considered on a case by case basis.
                                     I do use an outside source for cabinet work. Please contact me for further details.

Teaching Repair: If you would like to learn how to repair Tube Equipment, please contact me. I do not charge for my time, only for parts used.

Parts Sources: For Parts Sources in the repair of Tube Equipment, please click on the "Links" Tab above.