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Customer Comments:

       Wanted to say “Thank You” for the repairs to my 1950’s Grundig Majestic 4090. I could not be happier
       about the work you performed. You did a fantastic job. You kept me informed throughout the process…..from
       discussions about what might need to be done, the estimate, the type of repairs required, and when the repairs
       would be completed. It sounds fantastic. My wife and daughter are as impressed as I am.
       Thanks again for all your help.
       Don B

       Jay just finished up a repair on my 1940 Zenith 10-S-470 chassis and did an amazing job. It plays like new.
       Super nice guy, easy to talk too and really knows his electronics. I highly recommend Jay for any electronic
       repair of your vintage radio.
       Scott M.

       Jay recently repaired an old German console radio/hi-fi system for me. He did a fantastic job, kept me informed
       during all stages of the repair, and charges reasonable rates. He truly has a passion for what he does and is a
       really nice guy. I'm extremely pleased with his work.
       Chris P.

       The radio is working well. We had a lot of fun suggesting songs, finding them on the Ipod and listening to them.
       I remember clearly listening to the old Senators baseball games on the radio. My mother was an immigrant and avid
       sports fan. I'm first generation American. I, also, remember lots of music and news. The radio was always on. It just makes me smile.
       Thank you so much.
       Rita B.

       Hi Jay......
       Just wanted to say Thank You, for repairing my Dynakit ST-70 Amplifier (at a very reasonable price).
       It works like new, and sounds Great. I highly recommend you to anyone who needs their Amplifier repaired.
       I will use you in the future for any repair work that is needed.
       Again, Thanks Jay!
       Don P.

       Thank you, Jay.
       It's an amazing transformation, and we're looking forward to sharing it with our son Peter. I think he'll find
       the photos interesting because he won't remember exactly what the original condition was. Thank you again for the fine work and your
       commitment to keeping the authenticity of the radio. It means a lot to me and brings back so many memories of my dad.
       Clydette L.

       A quick note to express our gratitude for your repairs to our Sister in laws radio, wow it plays beautifully.
       Thank you for showing us your Edison I have read about them for years but never saw one or heard one, that was a real treat.
       You gave us a wonderful experience.
       Thank you,
       Dennis & Margaret M.

       Saw your video of the Philco - most considerate. You obviously did additional work on the cabinet and the result was glorious! The light up dial
       gives it such a fine, fine look. On a personal note, my Dad worked in the Philco factory in Philadelphia during the years prior to WWII
       and this radio is our special connection. I cannot Thank you enough for your industry. To hear that radio broadcast after so many years of
       silence was breathtaking.
       As Always,

       Hey Jay.
       It arrived just fine. got it together last night. Plays great! Thanks man. You did a good job. Started on a couple more radios...might need to
       pick your brain. lol
       Robert H.

       You can't believe the sound coming out. Pure, crisp and powerful. Can't stop listening to my jazz collection.
       Thanks you,
       Jean-Louis A.

       Hi Jay,
       Not sure how you did it but radio sounds like it just came from the factory. It is clear as a bell. No noise or static at all when properly
       tuned to station. Listening to Redskins pre-came show as we cyber-speak. As the kids would say, "You Rock, Dude."
       Thanks again,
       Steve R.

       Terrible news. Radio was damaged in shipping... Chassis is drastically bent and no sound. I am at a loss. Multiple tubes broken and I have no
       idea at this point what else broke. I am sick over this. If I can't figure it out I may have to straighten the chassis and send it back to you to
       see what you can do with it. I think the band switch may have been damaged. I looked though the joints and they seemed to have survived.
       The foreign band worked briefly then no bands at all. Only iPod feature works.
       After replacing the tubes and soldering some broken connections, I then located the source of the short. When the chassis bent, 1 of
       the band switch wires bent and would just touch one of the other leads when the chassis was moved or the band switch turned. Now I just have to
       get a new tuning tube and try to straighten the chassis a bit more.
       The finished piece looks and sounds great ! Here's a Link:
             Motorola Model 9A
       Thanks again Jay,
       Tom S.

       It came in on Friday. And it sounds great. I took it over to my other house yesterday and hooked it up, I have 2 wire antennas set up over there.
       It picked up great with the 100ft antenna. I will be picking the next one I need worked on and shipping it to you in the next month.
       Tom S.

       Hi Jay,
       Sorry it took me little while for me to update you on how the Westinghouse console sounds. Reinstalling the amp and the record changer was easy,
       but it took me about two days to figure out how to put the tuner chassis back in (turns out it requires a lot of force) and a good deal of time
       putting the myriad of screws back in. Regardless, I love how the console sounds. There's a certain musicality to the tube sound that solid state
       lacks. It's especially apparent when I play classical music on it. Strings, wind instruments and operatic vocals sound more dynamic on my console
       than through any radio I've listened to before. I'm anxious to hear how it sounds when I play jazz and reggae on it. The record changer works
       great too. I've already played a couple 45's and LPs on it.
       Thanks again for all your help bringing the Westinghouse back to life!
       John H.

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