JF Antique Radio Repair -- Tube Equipment Repair (Radios, Amplifiers, and Car Radios)



        Lightning strikes will be heard as crackling on both AM and SW bands.

  AM Band

        Daytime: Weaker stations may not come in at all (or come in with static) due to weather conditions. Most all US stations broadcast
        in Digital, greatly reducing reception to these old analog radios.

        Night time: Weaker stations will come in. Low end of dial will have static due to weather conditions. Many stations broadcast at 1/2 power
        beginning at sunset.

  SW Band

        Daytime: Practically no reception.

        Night time: Reception good. Expect stations to fade in and out due to the weather. Best reception on stormy nights.


       Switches: A click will be heard when a switch is turned on or off.

       Electric Ovens: A click will be heard each time the heating element turns on or off.

       Computers, Chargers, Fluorescent Lights, Vacuums, Faulty House Wiring, Cell Phones, TVs, Cable Boxes, Light Dimmers, Hair Dryers:
             Continuous noise (static/buzz/hum) will be heard which may drown out all radio stations. Try to determine the
             cause of noise by shutting off/unplugging these sources one by one until noise is eliminated. If house wiring is faulty, plug
             the radio into an outlet that produces the lowest level of noise.

       Power Lines: Continuous static will be heard. Keep the outdoor antenna away from and perpendicular to overhead power lines.

REPAIRABLE NOISES (AM and SW Bands, Audio Equipment)

       Motor Boating: Putting sound, starts off slow -- gradually gets faster.

       Microphonics: Hollowing, ringing sound -- louder if tubes are tapped.

       Weak Bypass Circuit: Whistling sound as station is tuned in.

       Intermittent Reception: Volume fluctuates unpredictably.

       No Reception / No Audio: Volume fades out completely.

       Weak Volume: Antenna wire should be no less than 100 feet and be located outdoors. Tubes may be weak. Coils may be deteriorating. Bad resistors.
                                Radio may be out of alignment.

       60 Cycle Hum: Continuous hum is heard with no reception.

       Silver Mica Disease: Crackling/popping/lightning noise is heard everywhere on the dial, goes away with volume turned down.

       Scratchy Reception/Audio: Noise is heard when a dirty volume control and/or tuning dial are turned.

       GROUNDING: Some early radios (1920s to 1931) must be grounded to improve reception and reduce noise.

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